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Why You Should be Cleaning Your Fruits and Veggies and How to Do It!

Often times we purchase our fruits and vegetables and believe a quick rinse does the job. We do not all have the option to purchase organic at all times, or purchase from the cleanliest of farmer’s markets. The truth is that our fruits and vegetables can harbor all types of things. Do you often times have fruit flies “magically” appear in your home? In most cases, they’re coming straight from the produce we have now carried into our home and put away without a second thought. Now, we all may not want to purchase those fancy fruit and vegetable cleansing sprays and such. So why not do it yourself? It only takes a few simple items that you may already have readily available in your homes. If not, they aren’t expensive at all! So let’s talk about it.

Why You Should Be Cleaning Your Produce?

Well….simply put. We want to be as careful as possible about what we are ingesting. Most times if the fruit and vegetables are not prepackaged, they can carry access dirt and bacteria. It is in our best interest to carefully soak and “wash” our produce before consuming.

How to Clean Our Produce

There are really three or four simple ingredient for cleaning our produce.

  • White vinegar (or apple cider vinegar)
  • Fresh Lemon (juice)
  • Water

Most Fruits and Veggies

So for cleaning most produce it is fine to use the white vinegar. The vinegar is a good agent for cleaning dirt and grime and killing germs. When using this for fruits and vegetables all you need to do is to fill your (cleaned) sink, place your fruits and veggies in, and fill it with water, then add 1 cup of white vinegar. You will need to let them soak in this solution for up to 10 minutes. That’s all you need. If your fruits and veggies need to be refrigerated, make sure to let them fully dry before putting them away.

Leafy Greens and Berries

This is a variation, but it is optional. Since berries and delicate greens sometimes can hold a flavor, you may not want the vinegar flavor within. You can put them in a bowl and use a 1/2 cup of fresh lemon juice (or if all you have is bottled lemon juice that’s fine) and add about 2 cups or water. You can do more of the water and the lemon juice if you have a larger quantity of these items. Make sure to store these in airtight containers afterward as they will stay fresh longer.

These are my preferred produce cleansing routines, what are yours? Feel free to chat down below or reach me on social media!


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