TJ’s Bio

Where do I begin?

So….is this the part where I have a huge spiel about myself? I don’t talk about myself often. I always feel a little weird about it. But this is my bio, right? Ok…well…here goes. I’m a 90’s baby born and raised on the east side of Indianapolis, Indiana. My name is Tamara (tam-uh-ruh), but I find it easier to go by TJ now. I would like to consider myself a person of transparency, but I wasn’t always like this. As most women did, I grew up not really feeling confident in myself and not feeling like I really fit into any space I was in or near. I still don’t fit into a space, I just….am. I learned (and still am learning) to love myself as I navigate through my life. I was a late bloomer in that way. I was so timid and soft spoken. I still find myself reverting back to that soft spoken girl, but I have a lot to say and I want to say it. That’s a big reason as to why I wanted to become a blogger. I wanted to share my experiences, my life lessons, my thoughts on the way of the world, etc. I want to reach the people that are open to receive it. I do not claim to know everything. In fact, the only thing I DO know is that I don’t really know anything at all. The one thing I do know for sure is that I want to offer anything I possibly can to this word. Anything worth sharing and anything that can help improve the lives of those around me.
A few years back, I made a vow to myself to be present in every moment. I plan to keep that promise. Every moment that I’m in I want to soak up and gather every ounce of experience, love, fulfillment, and beyond from it. That…is my way to glo.

What do I plan to offer through my contribution to waytwoglo?

There are so many thoughts in my head about what I want to offer. But I cannot offer more than I am. Transparency is a definite. Honesty is a definite. Life experiences and lessons will be what I offer. My how to’s and diy’s will be what I offer. I am also a creative and I love to write in many forms, so I promise to contribute to the artistic souls. I am still finding my way, though. We can glo together.

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