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Rita! Rita!

Classic Margarita

2 oz Tequila

3/4 oz Fresh lime juice

3/4 oz simple syrup




2 oz Tequila

1.5 oz Sweet and Sour Mix


Use a shaker to mix ingredients with ice and pour into a salt (or sugar) rimmed glass. Rub the rim of the glass with a lime wedge to make the salt (or sugar) stick to it.



I have a HUGE family. Sweet and sour mix, simple syrup, and lime juice can only go so far at the Ruggs’ residence. So, I found a cheap and easy way to make margaritas for a big crowd. Since frozen juice concentrate requires you to dilute it with water, its easier to stretch each can to make multiple batches in a blender. With that being said be careful on adding the frozen juice. Adding too much can make it too sweet and way too sour. I buy three different flavors raspberry lemonade, limeade, and original lemonade. Just these three cans alone will go a loooong way. Trust me!


Im sure I’m not the first to do it but it looks cute when I add my name to it. 😉


Riah’s Rita 

2 parts Tequila

1 part frozen limeade (or whatever flavor you choose)

Add ice and blend in blender. I add just enough ice to dilute the frozen limeade as well as to make the liquid thick & smooth and not too runny or loose. To salt the rims of the glasses I use Master of Mixes Margarita Salt, but kosher salt will do as well.

Remember drink responsibly. Enjoy!



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