Riah’s Bio


Literally trying to put “me” into just one paragraph. Tough. For starters I am from Indianapolis, IN, the youngest of 4 girls and probably the biggest handful of them all. Born November 11th of 1991. (Scorpio!) If you believe in astrology then that should tell you a bunch. I am a woman with many flaws but I think of them as imperfections that make me perfect. It took me some time to develop that state of mind, but its all apart of the growing pains in this thing called life. Something that did come easy to me was, what I wanted in life. It was simple. “To just be happy.” Happy with me. Happy with my career. Happy with my family/relationship. Just overall happy. I am about 60% percent there. To me thats HUGE! I can remember a time where I wasn’t even 5% there. I had to learn to love myself. Forgive myself. & to just BE myself. Eventually it all started to fall in place. Well, it still is falling into place. I don’t have it all together just yet. Im still learning and I still find myself trying to forgive (I’m stubborn) and not be so stuck on the negatives that comes along the way. I am a over thinker and I’m still learning to cut that off as well. But some of those thoughts I always feel the need to share. This is something that I am sure I want to offer to WayTwoGlo.

I’ve always wanted to start a youtube channel years ago when I first discovered the beauty/hair gurus on there. But blogging felt right. It felt better because I knew I could share my thoughts that I couldn’t speak but could write. I want to share things that I love. Whether its a favorite product I use, a corny ass piece I wrote, or an adult beverage that makes me happy every time I take a sip. Lol

I’d like to believe life is what we make it. You get what you give. You put out positivity and you’ll receive positivity. That is my main goal with WayTwoGlo. Sharing pieces of me that may help or inspire. & being fearless doing it. My way to GLO.

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