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Not so old, Old Fashioned

Hellur!! Its been awhile! So over the past few months and holidays I’ve been doing some experimenting with making Old Fashioneds. The traditional Old Fashioned is pretty simple; bitters or an orange twist muddled with sugar and whiskey. Boring! However, the two recipes below are some other recipes I found, with a little personal twist. I found these to be more satisfying to my family. I will start with my favorite way to make this drink then another way that has also become a family favorite. Be careful, if you make these drinks how I make them, they WILL sneak up on you. LOL

Riah’s Way

3 oz bourbon (Bulleit Bourbon is my fav for this drink)

2 oz Drambuie

3-4 dashes Angostura bitters

1 sugar cube

Top off with club soda.

Drambuie is a liqueur made with herbs and spices, this gives the drink a little kick so don’t over pour. I would advise you to taste the liqueur first to see if you are able to handle the spice. 😉


Elderflower Old Fashioned

3 oz your choice of bourdon

1/2-1 oz St. Germain (don’t over pour, this is a liqueur and over pouring will cause the drink to be too sweet)

3-4 dashes Angostura bitters

Top off with club soda.

I learned that, with the Elderflower, people who are not too fond of the strong alcohol taste like for me to add just a splash of cola on top in addition to the club soda.

Serve these drinks in a rocks glass with ice & do not shake, stir. Hope you love!


& as always DRINK RESPONSIBLY. Enjoy!

-Riah <3


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