Friends Are Like Seasons

Well… they say that friends come and go…there are those who are only here for a season. I have had my fair share of seasonal friends. Some of them taught me lessons I didn’t know I needed. Some of them taught me how some people aren’t really your friend at all. I’m not speaking any new facts, but perhaps this can be a note to self and everyone else. So let’s go through the seasons.

WINTER – These are the friends that are there for you when the everything in the world seems to be working against you. Winter friends can be there for you in your loneliest moments or moments of failure and defeat. They are there to remind you that they will always be in your corner no matter what.

SPRING – These are the people who are there when things are there to celebrate your new beginnings and opportunities. This friend will be constantly behind you pushing you to do things that expand you as a person. They feed your soul in a way that is refreshing and comforting in the way they support you.

SUMMER – These people are there when you’re under pressure and can’t take the heat. We all know that life can sometimes back us up against the wall. Summer friends know your lowest lows and will help you achieve a higher momentum. This friend will help you through stressful moments and keep you level headed.

and finally

FALL – These people are here to lend a helping hand when u have taken a fall. This type of friend is there to encourage you to get back up and continue when you have a misstep in life. This friend will help you through your moments of feeling defeated and help you find new avenues to achieve your goals.

Throughout life, there are those who are seasonal friends by choice and those that you only let see you at certain points. I need that year-round season to season friend that’ll be there through rain or shine, good or bad, up and down and I can honestly say I have a select few of those and I thank you all for that.  With that said choose your friends wisely because some of them may be the cause of your stormy weather but the true ones will predict it coming and shelter u with their umbrella. Peace n love.

(this is a post that I wrote on Facebook as a young girl in high school, but I still feel a lot of the same sentiments. As I’ve grown older, I have learned more of the value of friendships. I have some amazing friends now that I can honestly say are my season to season type of friends. I can only hope that I am giving the same back to them.)

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