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Easley’s Warm Mulled Wine

Hey! So, I was thinking since the weather is being bipolar, I would share a favorite of mine in the winter/fall seasons. It hasn’t really fully transitioned into spring yet, so I want to get this out to the world before it does!

Mulled wine is traditionally made with red wine and served warm or hot. It is most popular around the end of fall into the winter holidays. It is infused with various spices along with honey, lemon juice, and apple juice. The taste I would describe as, not too sweet but not too dry as well, semi-sweet. I never paired this wine with anything other than a garnish, but when I did a little more research on this wine it is said that it makes for a great desert wine (kind of a no brainer right?). This wine is made by Easley’s Winery right here in Indianapolis. I am sure there are other brands that make this wine but if you are here in Indy it should be easy for you to get your hand on a bottle from a local grocery store.

Heat this wine in a slow cooker…or microwave if you are impatient like myself. Serve in a coffee mug or tea cup and garnish with a cinnamon stick or orange slice…or both ;-). Drink responsibly, relax, and ENJOY!

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